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Cafe Central and Volunteer Opportunities

Cafe Central, Milledgeville's only "soup kitchen", has continued to cooperate during the pandemic. Employing a drive-through system, they have served upwards of 500 plates each Tuesday. As Covid danger decreased, plans were made to reopen the dining room, and the date has finally been set: April 12! This will be a "soft" opening with volunteers and some new procedures to be tested and tweaked as the celebratory Grand Reopening on May 24 approaches.

During the pandemic, several of the regular volunteers, many of whom were in the "at risk" age and health groups, notified that they would not be returning at reopening. This is where FPC has another opportunity to serve God's children in this community. If you are interested, please contact Doug Shelton (shelton_doug@yahoo).com for information. He does a great job of coordinating our volunteers and will be pleased to hear from you. A tentative plan is for volunteers new and old to gather at noon on April 4 for lunch and training, so consider getting in touch before that. New volunteers will be welcomed anytime, however, so keep it in mind.

Seeing that all comers are served a free hot meal once a week (Tuesdays 11 - 1), and treated with God's love and respect, has been the mission of Cafe Central for about 13 years now. Continuing this support for our community with our time, talents, prayers and contributions can be valuable mission work for us. Please consider taking part in it in whatever way you can. You can talk with Donna Gautier, board member and enthusiast, at 453-2154 or email (

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