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June 25th: Food, Fellowship and Fun

Today is the first day of summer and we wanted to remind
you of a great way to start off this summer:

Join us on Sunday, June 25th for worship service followed by a cook out of epic proportions. We'll have hot dogs, burgers, cake and more. You can contribute by bringing food according to the first letter of your last name.

A-J      Chips/Baked Beans/Potato Salad                                                            
K-S      Lemonade/Mustard/Mayonnaise/Ketchup/Sliced Cheese                                                                    T-Z      Lettuce/Tomato/Onion (sliced, diced)/Pickles

Please contact Margaret Ivester (478-316-4345) or the church office (478-452-9394) so we know what you will be bringing.

There will be music and games on the lawn in addition to food and fun inside. And on Monday, vacation Bible School begins. This year, it's a Food Truck Party, so make sure to sign up any children in your family (K-5) to join in the fun. Older children are encouraged to participate as mentors/teachers. All are welcome.


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