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Milledgeville Cares:

Neighbors helping Neighbors

The need to help our neighbors is a call that came long before Jesus began his ministry. In fact, Jesus expanded the idea of helping your neighbor to include those you would label "enemy." It's a call we still grapple with today.

Thankfully, there are programs in place to help us help each other. The church is one example, as are various NGOs. These programs don't cover all the needs of the community, but it's a start.

One such organization in our community is Milledgeville Cares. Run by Louise Sallstrom, this association provides countless opportunities for those in need and those who want to help.

Their vision is to "assure that basic needs for living a satisfying and healthy life are afforded to all our neighbors."

Many times, when the church is unable to help someone, we guide them to Louise, who finds a way to secure aid for them. We can help this vital ministry continue to positively impact our community by donating money, time and items.

Check out their website at


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