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Milly Free Fridge

Don't forget to join us again this Sunday to make sandwiches for the Milly Free Fridge. We will also collect snacks and drinks to fill up the fridge. This is an easy way to get involved with the community. We have a large population of homeless and/or food insecure people. The Free Fridge is a great way to reach out and help those in need. There is no judgment and people are able to access the food 24/7.

We will meet in the Fellowship Hall directly after the service. It usually takes less than an hour to make quite a few sandwiches. Fresh fruit like oranges and apples are great additions to the sandwiches.

Milly Free Fridge has both a small fridge for sandwiches, but also a large fridge with a freezer, meaning you can bring prepackaged frozen items that people can take home. Please consider donating food to the Free Fridge (601 S Wilkinson St), even if you can't join us to make sandwiches.

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