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Pastor Appreciation Month

Pastor appreciation ideas

Showing pastors appreciation isn’t about stroking the ego. It’s deeper than that. Appreciation affirms the holy call to serve all of God’s children. Showing appreciation also renews one’s creativity and energy. Viktor Emil Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, saw that humans were motivated by a “will to meaning,” that is, we flourish when we have a sense of meaning and purpose.

While October has been set aside as Pastor Appreciation Month (also known as Clergy Appreciation Month), congregations often put aside the second Sunday in the month for a time of celebration. Here are some ideas to show appreciation to your pastor:

· This is not a novel idea but one that is often forgotten by congregations. Pray for not just the pastor, but for their significant other and their families, too.

· Step up and show up. Commit to showing up to worship. Become more active in the life of the church. Find ways to serve that use your talents.

· Write a note of thanks. A letter or a card with a personalized note is priceless.

· Encourage self-care. Could your pastor use a gift certificate to a day spa or a gym membership? Would the offer to babysit the children one evening or make a meal for the family be appreciated?

· Thank your pastor — publicly. Create a video with members sharing their thanks or have elders speak words of appreciation during a worship service.

· Get a cake! Hold a time of fellowship and celebration after worship — that is, if COVID-19 numbers are low in your area and it is safe to gather — for members to personally thank the pastor for service.

· Give the gift of restoration. Think about extending your pastor’s study leave time, even if it means just a few extra days for the pastor to read, nap and recharge.

— Donna Frischknecht Jackson (


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