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Something new...

Are you ready for something new? There are already two established adult Sunday School classes, so we decided to try something a little different from the typical Sunday School class. Starting October 29 at 10:15 AM, you can learn to crochet. Crochet is a creative outlet that

allows us to carve out quiet time for reflection while simultaneously making something new.

This opportunity is offered by a young person from the college, Amelia Daws, who has been attending church for a few months now. Please contact the office for more details about materials and the pattern we will be using. This is a class open to everyone who wishes to attend- young, middle aged or just young at heart. We hope to gain a new creative skill and meditation ability.

For more insight into how crocheting can be a spiritual discipline, please follow this link:

This drawing is by Anja Rozen, a 13 year old primary school student in Slovenia. She was chosen from 600,000 children around the world to create a piece of art to show what peace looks like. She is the winner of the international Plakat Miru competition. “My drawing represents the land that binds us and unites us. Humans are woven together. If someone gives up, others fall. We are all connected to our planet and to each other, but unfortunately we are little aware of it. We are woven together. Other people weave alongside me my own story; and I weave theirs," said Anja - Courtesy: Fatima Anfig


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