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Milly Free Fridge Lenten Servic
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Lenten Service Devotion

Looking for a devotion that puts word into action? Join us in conjunction with Community Baptist Church to help feed our neighbors and ourselves.


Every Saturday during the time of Lent, we will meet at Community Baptist Church to make sandwiches for the Milly Free Fridge. We will join in community to prepare the food, break bread together then take the food to the Milly Free Fridge.

Milly Free Fridge is a local organization that provides prepared food for those in need. People are encouraged to leave what they can and take what they need. It helps feed the homeless community that cannot use the local food pantries, while also helping food insecure families to supplement their food supply.

Let’s work together to sustain those who need what we already have in abundance: love, food, fellowship.

Saturdays, March 5-April 9, 2022 at 11am at Community Baptist Church (143 Log Cabin Rd.)

Bring any of the following:

Sliced bread, lunch meat, peanutbutter, jelly, fresh fruit, prepackaged snacks, bottled drinks

We will provide condiments and labeling materials.

Check out Milly Free Fridge online on FaceBook and Instagram

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