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Advent is coming!

The Advent Season is upon us and with it comes the excitement of the Christmas holiday. We get caught up in the whirlwind of activities that comes with this time of year- parades, parties, gift

giving, baking, decorating- and often don't stop until the New Year.

It's a fun and busy time for many people. But behind all the busy-ness, as cliche as it sounds, is the reason for the season. Advent in the church gives us time to wait with expectation for the Christ child and it allows us to step outside of all the trappings of the Christmas Holiday to meditate on why we celebrate the birth of Christ.

In the spirit of meditation and slowing down, we are offering a short, daily meditation that you can use through Advent, starting on Sunday, November 27. You can find printed copies (both regular and large print) near the bulletins. We will also email the week's devotions every Monday morning. One last option is to click on the large nativity picture on the website header and that will take you to the full file.

Enjoy! And happy Advent to all!

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