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Community Service

Youth Group

The Youth Group meets every Sunday, directly after the worship service.

Youth Group is a dedicated program designed for young people to come together, share experiences, and grow in their faith journey as a collective. The group provides a safe space for teenagers to discuss their beliefs, ask questions, and explore their spirituality. Regular meetings may involve Bible studies, discussions on relevant topics, prayer sessions, and community service projects. Additionally, the youth group makes social outings, game nights, or other recreational activities to promote bonding and a sense of belonging.

Regular Meetings

Youth Group meets every Sunday for a small lunch and relaxation before tackling questions of faith that members have. They may also choose to use a book or curriculum to explore those questions.

Fundraisers for Youth Retreat

The youth will hold several fundraisers to earn the money to go to Montreat's Summer Youth Conference each year. They choose the fundraiser and work together to make it happen.

Montreat Summer Youth Conference

Montreat Youth Conference is a unique gathering of young people from all over the country for a week of study, worship, and recreation.

Special Outings

From time to time, the youth will meet for a special outing such as nature walks, Christmas caroling and even Trunk or Treat.

Service Projects

The youth can choose to do service projects to make a difference in our church community as well as our outside community. They have been active in the Milly Free Fridge sandwich making.

Youth Newsletter

Monthly newsletters are available with planned activities, dates and information for youth and families. 

Meet the Youth Group Leaders

Community Service
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Reverend Susan Balfour

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