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Easter Egg Hunt, Holy Week and Easter, Oh My!

As usual, the church is exploding with activity for the coming week.

Tomorrow (Saturday, April 1) is the Easter Egg Hunt. While there is still no word on the Easter Bunny, there will definitely be eggs to locate, cupcakes to eat and games to be played.

Sunday is Palm Sunday as well as Communion Sunday. It's also the Sunday we take up food donations for the Food Pantry. There will be Palm waving with praises and Hosanna's sung.

Monday through Friday at noon, our neighbors at First Baptist Church on Liberty Street will be hosting Holy Week services followed by a soup and sandwich luncheon. If you have time, it's a wonderful way to connect with our brothers and sisters in the faith.

We will have Maundy Thursday service at 5:30 PM. Please join us as we prepare for Good Friday and the sadness of that day, followed by the joy of Easter.

Easter morning will find us outside, decorating the Lounsbury Cross with flowers. Easter service will start at 11:00 AM.


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