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Euphonious Fellowship is Music to Choir Director’s Ears

When I left an interim church director of music position in December 2005, I told myself that I would only work in PCUSA churches moving forward. My husband and I were relative newlyweds, and I was terribly busy in my director of choral activities job at GCSU. I wanted to be in a church that felt like home to me. I had been away from being a church musician for about six months after working and singing in churches for over fifteen years. When I first came to First Presbyterian Church Milledgeville in July 2006, I sat in one of the back pews for the service. I had applied for the director of music position and was scheduled to interview the following week. I wanted to get a sense of the service and the people. I remember being greeted by Harry Beck, Frankie Holder, and others. I recall folks telling me after the service that I should join the choir. Little did they know...  

Other than the music, one of my favorite parts of worship at our church is the passing of peace. Having been to many different churches during my life, I have passed the peace more than a few times. The beautiful thing about our passing of the peace is that everyone gets up, moves around, greets folks they know, welcomes folks they do not know, and there is a mellifluent din that is music to my ears. It represents the breaking down of walls, the coming together of diverse individuals and groups, and the fellowship of Christ. We usually sing the anthem right after the passing of peace, but often I do not want to interrupt this sound because it is so gratifying to know that all are welcome in our church and see it personified in our worship together.  If you are interested in joining the reconstituted worship committee at FPC, please reach out to Jennifer.

~ Jennifer Flory, Music Director, First Presbyterian Church Milledgeville

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