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Fellowship, Lessons and Carols:

A Unique Worship Service on the Sermon on the Mount

Save the date!! February 12, 2023, we will have a different type of worship service~ lessons and carols that cover the Sermon on the Mount. And directly after the service will be a congregational luncheon of soup and sandwiches.

This special service will help us continue our journey of discovering what it means to be a Matthew 25 church. Matthew 25 consists of two parables and a vision of the last judgment. Together, these three passages conclude the fifth “book” of Matthew’s Gospel, in which Jesus instructs his followers on “last things” — how to live in light of God’s ultimate purpose for the church and for the whole creation. As it is depicted in Matthew 25, this new way of life involves vigilant prayer, good stewardship and compassion for our neighbors.

We will explore together what the Sermon on the Mount teaches us about how to live in faith, how to support each other and God's guidance on how to accomplish that. We will ponder what people thought about the Sermon on the Mount when it occurred as well as our own reactions to it.

So join us in this exciting journey of faith and commitment.


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