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Get ready for fun!

VBS 2023 will kick off on June 26th and the day before that, June 25th, we will be hosting an Appreciation Celebration right after church service. We'll be grilling burgers and hot dogs, playing games on the lawn and spending time together. (There is talk of a guitar player entertaining us, too!) It’ll be a wear your shorts to church day, bring a blanket and have “dinner on the ground” day or come ready to just have fun being together day!

Please contribute to the day by bringing the following according to your last name and give Margaret a quick call at (478)316-4345 to let her know what you will be bringing.

A-J Chips/Baked Beans/Potato Salad

K-S Lemonade/Mustard/Mayonnaise/Ketchup/Sliced Cheese

T-Z Lettuce/Tomato/Onion (sliced, diced)/Pickles

So grab your lawn chair and throw it in the back of the car and join us!

We look forward to seeing everyone there.


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