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"Montreat Youth Trip: A Reflection on the Impact of Community Support"

Our youth who traveled to Montreat NC, much like any other youth, carried the weight of hopes and dreams, of burdens and insecurities, of the excitement and unknowns on the path from young person to young adult.


Isaiah 43:2 “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown…”


Youth and transition are at times a difficult time. Your “head-space” is filled with questions such as: “Who am I?” “What will others think of me?” “How do I act around others?” “How do I reconcile the ‘emerging me’ with the teaching and influences of my parents?”


Our week at Montreat helped us all to both wrestle intrinsically - and make peace

extrinsically. I.e. to think deeply about ourselves and our relation to the world, and

express this in a way to live in harmony with those around us.


Gratitude for our church and for those at Montreat:

~For all who helped in any way with the after church dinner fundraisers.

~For Lois: Thank you for all your administrative prowess and commitment to see this


~For Anne Smart: Thank you for your unwavering belief in us all and support.

~For Rev. Susan: Thank you for making this trip possible. Thank you for your

Christian spirit. Without your inspiration, our group would not be here.

~For Laurie: Thank you for your countenance of cheer, support and eyes that always

bring and shine hope. You see all of us through God’s eyes.

~For Josefa: Thank you for your overflowing kindness and sharing God’s lessons.

~For Masoma: Thank you for your humbleness, your wholesomeness and


~For Astrid: Thank you for being yourself. You bring great joy, wonderment and

thinking we would otherwise not know.

~For Uriel: Thank you for always being sincere. Thank you for always watching out

for us, for making your strength our strength.

~For Nathan: Thank you for your expressions of deep thinking, for expressing ways

we can access ancient teachings of God, and for your enduring smile.

~For TeriAnne: Thank you for your steadfastness, and your unwavering commitment for things fair and right.

~For Anna: Thank you for your wisdom and observations, and for sharing that what

matters most is how we treat others.


Dear Creator, Help us to choose our soil wisely, or to till the soil where I am, to plant seeds that will help all. Help us to receive all that you have planted “to work with others for justice, freedom and peace.” – FPC Brief Statement of Faith



~For Joel Respess: Thank you for your continued commitment to our church family and the youth. Your calm presence is always a blessing.



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