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Silent Auction: Fundraiser for Youth

If you've been in the church recently, you are sure to have noticed the tables loaded with donated items for our Silent Auction. The proceeds will help pay for our youth to attend the Montreat Youth Conference in June.

Below is the current list of items available. Please feel free to call the office if you have any questions or aren't able to get to the church to place your bids. Pictures of the items with a small description are posted daily to our social media accounts.

‘Live like Coley’ Baseball Caps $5/ each

80 Piece Wooden Train Set $20

African Sampler Teas $17

Amici Collection $55

Antler Tools $65

Antler Handle Knives $10

Antler Tools $65

Arthur Court Platter $20

Artwork by Reverend Susan

Floral $50

House of Prayer $40

Leaves $50

Mary $40

Pieta $50

Baseball Coin Bank $15

Candy Jar (for younger bidders only, please) $5

Chick-Fil-A Gift Card $450

Chili’s Gift Card $25

Franklin D. Roosevelt Commemorative Plate $20

Gumbo by Craig $30

Hand blown Garden Globe $70

Homemade Vanilla Extract $25

Lenox Holiday Cookie Jar $20

Matching Pottery $25

Modern Desk Lamp $10

Nesting Christmas Trees $78

Numbered Print of City Elementary $15

Numbered Print of Old State Capital Building $30

Numbered Print of UGA Gate $30

Oak Bowl $22

Pat Buckley Moss Numbered Print $125

Pecan Bowl $25

Picture of First Presbyterian Church $75

Pottery Vase $10

Pro Football Hall of Fame Gift Card $200

Purse- Africa Bags $10

Purse- Blue and Green Butterflies $10

Recycled Sari Fabric Bags $20/ each

Tea Light Nativity $22

Terracotta Warming Stone with Basket $22

Wooden Footed Goblet $20

Yeti Tundra 45 $325

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