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You are amazing!

Bet you didn't realize just how awesome you were, but you are officially part of Team Awesome! How did you become a member of such an incredible group? Well, by just being yourself, of course. This congregation continues to be giving, loving and committed to our community by donating their time, their abilities and money.

Each year, the PC(USA) takes up four special offerings: One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost Offering, Peace & Global Witness Offering and Christmas Joy Offering.

During September and on World Communion Sunday, we collected for the Peace & Global Witness Offering, 25% of which stays with our congregation to work on peace projects in our community. We collected a total of $618 for that offering, $154.50 of which stays with us. That is truly amazing!

Thank you for believing in the church at home and in the world to trust it with your offerings. We look forward to exploring the subject of Peace at our Peace Fair on November 6 after the Thanksgiving Luncheon.


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