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Under the Palm: Podcast

Palm trees on the beach

Missed service? Don't have time to watch it on Facebook? Then click on the link here for the sermon. The Podcast, Under the Palm, is uploaded weekly and features Reverend Susan Balfour's sermon and the readings from that day. There are also sermons from previous weeks, if you wanted to catch up or just listen while you drive/work/rest. 

Click on the link to listen to Under the Palm:

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Reverend Susan Balfour, hands raised in supplication, looking upwards

Grace and peace to you! Primarily, this podcast will feature sermons preached at First Presbyterian Church of Milledgeville, Georgia. I firmly believe that the Bible is relevant to our everyday lives in 21st century US, and I seek to connect Scripture with real-life applications. My preaching is progressive and socially minded, and often speaks to the big issues of our day. Occasionally, I may also include mini-sermons, reflections, or random musings. Thanks for listening!

Reverend Susan Balfour

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